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Choosing the Right Surge Protector: Factors To Consider for Home and Office

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Behind the Scenes: A Detailed Look at the AC Repair Service Process

Diving into the heart of home comfort, a professional AC repair service is more than just a simple visit; it’s a comprehensive journey from distress to relief. Beginning with the…... Read Article

How Long Do Heating and Air Conditioning Units Last?

One of the most common questions homeowners have about their heating and air conditioning systems is, “How long will my HVAC unit last?” The lifespan of an HVAC unit can…... Read Article

Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning’s Partnership With E.T. Lawson 

Virginia Beach is a city where the sun-kissed beaches and the gentle sea breeze are a part of everyday life, but the chill can set in, too. As the seasons…... Read Article

Winter Heating Solutions for Different Home Types

Virginia Beach may be known for its sunny shores and ocean breezes, but when winter whispers through the pines, residents seek warmth within their walls. Whether it’s a beachfront condo…... Read Article

Cold Weather Efficiency: Upgrading Home Electrical Systems for Winter Comfort 

As Virginia Beach navigates the heart of winter, the brisk ocean winds and chilly nights remind us of the importance of a warm, inviting home. For the residents of this…... Read Article

Winter Heating Solutions for Different Home Types

Virginia Beach may be known for its sunny shores and ocean breezes, but when winter whispers through the pines, residents seek warmth within their walls. Whether it’s a beachfront condo…... Read Article

Why Is My Home AC Unit Not Blowing Cold Air?

Last Modified On 1/23/24 at 3:18pm If you’re experiencing problems with your air conditioning unit in your home and it’s not blowing cold air, you’re not alone. This is a…... Read Article

A Guide to Selecting Your Ideal Heating System with Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning

A Guide to Choosing a New Heating System Crisp mornings at Chesapeake’s Greenbrier Farms signal the onset of cooler weather, inspiring homeowners to think about the warmth and comfort of…... Read Article

Furnace Woes in Virginia Beach: When to Call Miller’s for Expert Furnace Repair

When Should I Call Miller’s for Furnace Repair? In Virginia Beach, the anticipation of winter brings a quiet transformation, from the bustling summer boardwalks to the peaceful, frost-dusted mornings by…... Read Article

How To Prevent Heating Repairs

Virginia Beach has over 35 miles of beautiful coastline, making it a top choice for beach lovers. It’s a place where you can enjoy the coast’s scenic beauty while also…... Read Article

Best Local Spots In Virginia Beach

As a local HVAC company in Virginia Beach, VA, the Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning team loves supporting and exploring other local businesses and attractions. Virginia Beach has a lot…... Read Article

Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners

Air conditioning is essential throughout the high summer temperatures in Virginia Beach. There are various types of air conditioning units homeowners can install in their homes to provide them cool…... Read Article

Common Air Conditioning Problems

Air conditioning is vital to modern homes, providing comfort during the hot summer. However, like any mechanical system, air conditioners can experience issues that affect their performance and efficiency. In…... Read Article

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

During the summer, the sound of the air conditioner is usually just background noise. If you hear anything, it’s just a low hum punctuated by the occasional clicking when the…... Read Article

How Wildfires Can Affect Indoor Air Quality in Virginia Beach

Understanding the Effects of Canadian Wildfires on Virginian Air Quality: A Guide for Homeowners Currently, a series of wildfires is blazing through the expanse of Canadian forests, a grim reality…... Read Article

Miller’s Heating And Air Conditioning Opens New HVAC Facility

Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning moved their corporate headquarters to Chesapeake, Virginia in April 2023. The new HVAC facility is strategically located on Bruton Court to efficiently extend heating and…... Read Article

Summer Plumbing Tips

When you think about seasonal plumbing issues, you’re probably only considering winter concerns, like frozen pipes. However, the summer months present their own challenges for any plumbing system. To avoid…... Read Article

Signs You Have Poor Indoor Air Quality

As the warm weather arrives, so do seasonal allergies for some. Do you ever feel like there is no escape from the discomfort of allergies, even in your own home?…... Read Article

SPRING Into Home Savings

The spring and summer seasons bring many activities for each resident in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and other surrounding areas. Some families go on vacation, while others enjoy the beautiful…... Read Article

What Is A HVAC Tune Up?

An HVAC tune-up stands as a crucial maintenance service that is crafted to enhance the functionality of your HVAC system. It is entrusted to qualified technicians, who can provide comprehensive…... Read Article

7 Common Furnace Problems

A furnace is a complex system with many different components that play into heating your home. If one component is malfunctioning or obstructed, it can cause the whole system to…... Read Article

Home Heating Tips for Those Chilly Winter Nights

No Need to Overstock on Blankets…Unless You Want to Fall has come and gone. While you’ve been admiring the changing leaves and your favorite seasonal treats, did you notice that…... Read Article

6 Ways to Make Sure That Your Sump Pump Is Ready for Spring

Winter in Virginia Beach, VA is unlikely to leave your property covered in snow. Locals are lucky if they see more than an inch or two throughout winter. However, it’s…... Read Article

Simple Steps For Conserving Heat This Winter

Are you concerned about the high cost of heating your home this winter? There are a variety of different issues that can prevent your heating system from working properly or…... Read Article

10 Tips for Giving Thanks to Your Home

Feast Your Eyes on Some Helpful Maintenance Pointers With Thanksgiving quickly approaching, you might be finalizing your menu or cleaning and preparing your home for guests. The holidays tend to…... Read Article

How Does a Furnace Keep Your Home Warm During Cold Months

You've reached for the thermostat a thousand times on cold winter days. But do you know how your heating system actually works? The world of HVAC can be a complex…... Read Article

Don’t Let Power Outages Haunt Your Dreams

A Whole-House Generator Can Help You Rest Easy Halloween is just around the corner, and there’s a strange comfort that comes with the scares it brings. The monsters we watch…... Read Article

How Does a Plumber Clean a Clogged Plumbing Vent?

The plumbing vent serves an important role in your home by regulating the airflow inside your pipes. As water flows through your pipes, it creates a vacuum. If there was…... Read Article

Prepare for Winter With These Back-to-Cool Supplies

’Cool’ Is About to Be Back in Session—Are You Ready? It’s pens and pencils galore as the kids head back to school. Now that summer is behind us, it’s time…... Read Article

What an AC Capacitor Does and What to Do When It Needs Replacing

One of the most surprising facts about central air conditioners is that they actually need more power than residential electrical systems provide. When the AC in your Virginia Beach, VA…... Read Article

10 Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains

Because What Goes Down Should Never Come Back Up No one likes sitting in traffic. We all have places to go and people to see. But nevertheless, you are stuck.…... Read Article

Why Is AC Maintenance Worth Your While?

More Importantly, Why Is It Worth Your Money? We all work hard for our money, so the last thing you want to do is let those dollars go to waste.…... Read Article

Debunking Five AC Myths

Steer Clear of These Common Traps To say homeowners make many decisions is an understatement. Between appliances, decor, maintenance and security, you are always weighing options and making choices. For…... Read Article

Keep Cool & Carry On With More Money in Your Wallet!

Our 8 Cooling Tricks Help Cut Costs May is a reminder that summer will be here soon. Since Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff to summer, many homeowners are starting…... Read Article

What’s in Your Easter Basket This Season?

How About Some ‘Eggs’ellent Tips for a Happy Spring! Whether you celebrate Easter or not, we’re betting you enjoy the candy eggs, jelly beans and chocolate bunnies just as much…... Read Article

10 HVAC Terms You Must Know!

You’ll be Speaking Like a Tech in No Time This month, top college basketball teams across the nation are battling it out to make the finals in the NCAA tournament.…... Read Article

Tax Refund in Your Future?

Cash in on Some Home Improvements! If you’re lucky enough to get a tax refund this season, the mere thought of that money is probably burning a hole in your…... Read Article

8 Fresh, New Ways to Boost Your Home’s Warmth This Winter

These Cozy Tips Are Budget Friendly, Too! Looking to find cozy comfort in the new year? You aren’t alone! Many Virginia Beach residents are trying to uncover ways to add…... Read Article

Our 5 Heating Tips Will Keep Your Home Merry & Bright

And Safe & Warm, Too! ’Tis the season for rosy cheeks and chilled fingers, which means it’s also time to appreciate the cozy warmth of a heat-filled home. If you’ve…... Read Article

Be Thankful for a Healthy Home This Season

It All Starts with Fresh, Clean Air As Thanksgiving approaches, homeowners start to take inventory of their homes and prep for the extra foot traffic that the holidays often bring.…... Read Article

Avoid the Spooky Fright of High Utility Bills This Fall

Follow Our 7 Energy-Saving Tips to Stay on Budget When you step onto your front porch later this month, you’ll notice crisper air, cooler temps and that wonderful smell of…... Read Article

Do You Know the Real TRUTHS About Your HVAC System?

Take Our Back-to-School Quiz and Find Out Another summer has come and nearly gone with students well into their new school routines. To celebrate their return, we thought we’d offer…... Read Article

Back to School Tips to Keep Kids Healthy

Cleaner Indoor Air Means Fewer Sick Days Those of us with children share a common goal—to keep our kids safe and healthy. This goal is especially important right now, as…... Read Article

Protect Your Home From Summer Storms

Check Out These 5 Tips from the Pros! Summers in the Hampton Roads area can be spectacular. There’s fun in the sun at Virginia Beach, camping and fishing in the…... Read Article

It’s National Healthy Homes Month!

Here Are 10 Tips for a Happy Home & Safe Summer June does more than just usher in the summer season. It also serves as a reminder for homeowners to…... Read Article

Own Pets? You Need to Know These 5 Things About Your Indoor Air

They’ll Help You Breathe Better, Too Pets enrich our lives in ways we can never fully reciprocate. Their unconditional love and utter devotion are just two of the many ways…... Read Article

10 Great Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Plumbing System!

Our Simple Checks Help Prevent the Need for Repairs When it comes to spring cleaning, we don’t usually hear homeowners yelling: “Woo hoo! I get to spring clean!” After all,…... Read Article

You Don’t Need to Go Through HOOPS for Better Indoor Air

Miller’s Offers Slam Dunk Air Quality Solutions March is known for four-leaf clovers, leprechauns, green beer and a little bit of Irish luck! But it’s also the month when college…... Read Article

Home Is Where the Heart Is—So Show It Some Love!

Fun Tips for Sharing Love & CozinessThis February February is a month that often spotlights romance, love, relationships and staying cozy. At least it is if you celebrate Valentine’s Day…... Read Article

Complete Plumbing, Electrical & HVAC Resolutions for a Comfy 2021

Simply Follow Our 12-Month Plan So, it’s that time again. The time of year when we take inventory of our lives—and our homes—and think about the improvements and adjustments we…... Read Article

10 Holiday Decorating Tips to Keep You Safe

These Electrical Do’s and Don’ts Could be Lifesavers! Just like that, we are once again knee-deep in holiday planning. After a year filled with more uncertainty than ever, we’re welcoming…... Read Article

Seasonal Changes Can Affect Your Body & Your Home

Gobble Up These Tips to Ensure a Healthier YOU The shift from fall into winter brings many changes. From crazy weather patterns and cooler days to holiday schedules and winter…... Read Article

Is Your HVAC System Haunting Your Home?

Say Goodbye to Home Heating Goblins This Month October is the month of ghouls and goblins. Sometimes, these creepy spirits even have the tendency to haunt our HVAC systems. From…... Read Article

Is a Tankless Water Heater a Good Investment?

Our Heating Experts Share 5 Reasons Why the Answer Is YES It’s hard to believe we are already nine months into 2020. But as the fall season arrives, she brings…... Read Article

5 Great Plumbing Ideas That Help You Save Money

Our Tips Will Conserve Water, Too! In the time of coronavirus, many homeowners have found themselves working from home. While this change can be helpful in reducing your car’s mileage…... Read Article

July Is Beach Season: Is Your AC Ready?

Make Your Home a Cool Refuge After a Long Day in the Sun It’s true what they say: Virginia Is for Lovers. Each year, Virginia Beach hosts a great many…... Read Article

Make Dad Feel Extra Cool This Father’s Day

Gift Him What He Really Wants—Cool AC Maintenance! Thinking about Dad a little more this month? If not, you better start. Father’s Day rolls around again on June 21, which…... Read Article

Welcome to Our New Website & Brand

Same Great Service—New, Fresh Look If you’re a lifelong Hampton Roads resident, then you’re probably pretty familiar with the Miller name and our family-owned business. After all, our trucks have…... Read Article