Superior Air Conditioning Services in Virginia Beach

Beautiful summers are just one of many reasons new residents flock to Virginia Beach, VA. Between housing the longest pleasure beach on earth and the usually balmy weather that rarely goes above 87 degrees, finding comfort isn’t something you think too hard about. However, when uncirculated heat and humidity remain stagnant in your home, relief is the one thing on your mind. 

Our team at Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning has spent over 40 years providing five-star air conditioning service to thousands of Virginia Beach residents. Our licensed and contracted team alleviates the harshest temperatures by ensuring you have your ideal indoor climate when you need it. 

Air Conditioner Maintenance

It may seem like a given that your AC unit powers on every time, but the more you use it, the higher the risk of a breakdown. It can be hard to tell when the unit’s components are struggling, which is why you should bring in the specialists to conduct a full inspection semi-annually in the spring and fall. We recommend heating maintenance before the large workload summer and winter bring, because it can avoid an uncomfortable breakdown or costly repair at an inconvenient time. A Miller’s technician can identify underlying malfunctions and prevent problems from occurring in the future to improve efficiency and avoid an uncomfortable situation. 

A technician will perform a variety of tasks for air conditioning maintenance, including checking refrigerant levels, lubricating motor and moving parts, cleaning the condenser drain line and pan, and changing air filters. Our knowledgeable team has a checklist for all cooling units and their parts, including:

  • Air conditioners/ condensing units
  • Air handlers
  • Evaporator coils
  • Fan coils

AC Repair 

If a maintenance check uncovers a problem in its early stages, you’ll need an immediate repair to keep them from worsening. You may also notice unusual behavior from your air conditioning system, like new sounds. While slight humming as the motor runs or a blowing noise from the air ducts or vents is normal, harsh buzzing, banging, clicking, or squealing points to component malfunctions. Other signs you need our team to professionally analyze, repair, or replace a broken part includes:

  • Water or refrigerant leaks 
  • Musty, smokey, or gas odors
  • Mold or mildew growth on the vents or drain pan
  • Long or short cycling, creating hot and cold spots
  • Warm or no airflow 
  • Higher utility bills 

AC Unit Replacements 

If the system constantly compromises your indoor air quality and forces you to spend hundreds on regular repairs, upgrade to a more energy-efficient air conditioning unit. The upfront price may seem steep, but the unit quickly pays for itself by saving you money on your monthly electric bills. Since all components are new, it’ll also be a while before you need repairs.

After discussing your brand preferences and unit expectations, our experienced technicians measure your home or room’s square footage to provide a unit of the appropriate size. They’ll then remove the old system and install the new one in one visit, limiting downtime and increasing comfort.

Honest and Reliable AC Technicians

When you’re feeling betrayal rather than the cooling power you deserve, our Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning team in Virginia Beach, VA, is there with 24/7 scheduled and emergency AC services. Our honest and reliable contractors have top-of-the-line tools, brands, and know-how to get your air conditioning unit running as it should. Call 757-623-6600 for assistance today!