Superior Heating Services in Virginia Beach

Here in Virginia Beach, the winter weather comprises cooler temperatures just above 30 degrees and more than three inches of monthly rainfall. The latter not only places the state in the top 20 wettest in the U.S. but also contributes to a climate that feels colder than it is. Therefore, heating systems are undoubtedly some of the most vital household systems, especially for those closer to the Atlantic Coast. 

At Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we conduct heating unit maintenance, repairs, and replacements in Virginia Beach, so it always feels like a warm, comfortable blanket protects your home when it matters. 

Heating System Maintenance 

Heating systems are complex systems with many components working together to heat your home. Heating units can break down due to one part malfunctioning, and sometimes it can be hard to predict. However, semi-annual heating maintenance keeps this unpleasant surprise from occurring. 

During a scheduled visit, a certified Miller’s professional performs preventative maintenance to ensure your heating system can effectively perform all winter season. This entails a variety of tasks, such as changing air filters and cleaning air vents and ducts to ensure dust and other pollutants don’t find their way between internal parts. A Miller’s technician will also lubricate the blower motor, fan belt, and other moving components before inspecting the heat exchanger, burners, and thermostat for adequate warming power. 

Regular checks keep buildups and worn parts from slowing down the system, which would otherwise cause the unit to work harder and deteriorate faster. It also keeps the following free of necessary repairs and breakdowns while keeping your indoor air safe and pleasant:

  • Furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Boilers 
  • Oil tanks
  • Radiant heating
  • And more!

Heating Repair

Unfortunately, heating repairs eventually become necessary, especially as your unit ages. Heating problems can range from banging and grinding sounds caused by loose parts touching to transcending utility bills indicating your unit isn’t as energy efficient as before. You may also note inadequate heating due to cold spots, your unit not turning on, or numerous other factors that are unusual and cause for alarm. If you notice a problem with your heating unit, give one of our trained technicians a call to uncover the culprit and remedy the problem.

Heating Replacement and Installation

Whether your unit has reached the end of its 12 to 15 year lifespan or improper maintenance has caused premature failure, a replacement proves more cost-effective than outstanding or constant repairs. 

Our team provides 24/7 assistance to install your preferred unit in one visit to restore your home comfort. We’ll do all the heavy lifting, from determining the appropriately sized unit according to your home’s square footage to providing the best brands on the market. After installing the system, we’ll run it for one full cycle to ensure optimal heat, zero leaks, and efficiency for years to come. 

The #1 HVAC Company in Virginia Beach!

When temperatures drop in Virginia Beach, it is important your heating unit is working properly to keep your home comfortable. Rather than conducting a DIY procedure that’ll aggravate you, risk your safety, and leave rooms feeling as cold as outside, contact your #1 neighborhood HVAC company. Call 757-623-6600 for Miller’s Heating and Air Conditioning for heating repair, maintenance and replacement in Virginia Beach and surrounding areas! Between over 40 years of experience and 24/7 five-star services, you can’t afford not to!